Our Purpose

To design sustainable environments for a happier future for both people and our planet.

Our Values

Passion & Inspiration
To be passionate about creating vibrant environments and to inspire and be inspired by people who share our vision.
To create a sustainable world where people, nature, and society coexist in harmony.
Value Creation
To continue to evolve and keep up with the rapid change around us to create new value.
Diversity & Co-creation
To value each individual's ideas and co-create a diverse and equitable environment with the local communities.
Integrity & Trust
To generate a trusting relationship among people and society through protection of our safety and security.

Brand Story

"Think and create happiness."
This philosophy has been at the core of our practice from the start and we have created homes and communities with a focus on people and their lifestyles.

However, people's lifestyles have changed dramatically as computerization, digitization, and changes in infrastructures have progressed rapidly.
We also face a variety of issues, such as a declining birthrate, aging population, and depopulation of rural areas.
"In these difficult times, how do we create happiness for tomorrow?" We have been asking ourselves this question for some time.

Our challenge has already begun.

In a group-wide effort, we will integrate our real estate, energy, finance and other businesses that can encourage further our co-creation efforts with local communities to develop better cities for the future. We will also be expanding our businesses globally.

We will tackle everchanging challenges of our time with our determination to evolve into a company that can realize a happier future for people and our planet through power and desire to design sustainable environments.

Our company name, MIRARTH, is a combination of 2 words -- "Mirai
(future)" and "Earth", representing the trajectory of our business and story of our existence to bring about a brighter and happier future.

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Our Business

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    Real Estate

    We are developing businesses in all facets of real estate, including our Leben condominiums, detached houses, rebuilds, redevelopment projects, and rental properties.

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    We are pioneering businesses focused on renewable energy, including installing solar panels on idle land, and acquiring solar and wind power plants.

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    Asset Management

    We provide investment opportunities and asset management services to a wide range of investors, including the management of infrastructure investment corporations.

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    Other businesses

    Building from our achievements as a comprehensive real estate developer, we are engaged in a wide range of businesses that contribute to people and society, including hotels, construction, and nursing care.

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Providing what’s valuable to people,
cities and society.

We aim to contribute to solving social issues and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), earn the trust of various stakeholders and society, and achieve lasting development by engaging in sustainability activities through our business.

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