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When was the company established?

September 21, 1972.

What stock exchanges are you listed on?

Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.

What is the origin of your company name?

"MIRARTH" is a combination of Mirai (future) and Earth.

What is the company's management philosophy?

The Group has established a "Purpose". Our Purpose is “To design sustainable environments for a happier future for both people and our planet.” The Group's corporate raison is "to make people and the Earth happy through the power of designing a sustainable environment. This is our determination to go beyond being a "comprehensive real estate developer" and evolve into a "future environment design company.

What are your sustainability initiatives?

The Minebea Group aims to contribute to solving social issues and achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by engaging in sustainability activities through its business, such as the supply of housing and the introduction of renewable energy, in order to earn the trust of various stakeholders and society and achieve lasting development. For more information, please visit our Sustainability page.

What is the securities code?

The securities Code is 8897.

Who is the shareholder registry administrator?

The shareholder registry administrator is Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited.

What is the approach to shareholder returns?

Our basic policy is to pay stable and continuous dividends appropriate to our business performance while securing the internal reserves necessary for business development and the strengthening of our management base. We will strive to further enhance our corporate value to meet your expectations, while considering our basic decisions on dividends in the context of a comprehensive evaluation of dividend on equity (DOE), dividend yield, and other factors, without being biased toward a specific dividend payout ratio alone. We look forward to your continued support of our group. For more information, please refer to our shareholder return policy.

Tell us about your business.

MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group's core business is real estate, and it also operates energy, asset management, and other businesses. For more information, please refer to the Group's business introduction.

When is your fiscal year end?

March. Please refer to the IR Calendar for more information on the financial schedule.

Where can I obtain the latest financial statements?

Financial results materials can be found in the Investor Relations TOP under Latest Financial Results or in the IR Library.

Please tell us about your business performance.

For more information, please see the Financial Highlights.

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