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At MIRARTH Holdings Group, “To design sustainable environmentsfor a happier future for both people and our planet.” , as we inaugurate our new organization in October 2022. This is the purpose of the MIRARTH Group's existence as it moves toward the next stage of its development.

This purpose includes the Group’s intent to go beyond the framework of a general real estate business developer, and to evolve into a “future environment design company” that engages in co-creation with local communities and works toward the future of town planning.

1.Significance of the MIRARTH Holdings Group

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2.TOP Message

In 2023, the Minebea Group has embarked on a new phase of sustainable growth for the next 50 to 100 years. Our role is to fulfill our significance as a holding company in specifying the direction in which the entire group should go, and to encourage change through the execution of each business strategy, while at the same time ensuring the overall growth potential of our group.

 In business, further growth of the real estate business and the establishment of a new energy business model are major themes for the future. With regard to the energy business, we have already presented a roadmap to 2030 and are moving forward with efforts to achieve this goal. However, we have not yet fully shared these ideas and images within the Group. As CEO and COO of the Group, I am committed to spreading Purpose throughout the Group at this turning point in our business model, and to instilling a sense of social contribution in the broad sense of designing the environment that transcends the boundaries of real estate. On this basis, while maintaining the speed and agility of management decision-making that are the Group's strengths, we will clarify responsibility and authority more clearly than ever before, and work together with Group companies and stakeholders to enhance corporate value.

 We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their continued support of our group.

October 2023
Representative Director,
Group CEO, Group COO and President Executive Officer
Kazuichi Shimada

3.History of MIRARTH Holdings Group

Origin of “Takara Leben”:

The “Takara” that we have used in our company name since the days of “Takara Komuten” refers to “treasure,” as in a home is the treasure of a lifetime. The word “leben” added following the change in our company name is German for “life, lifestyle and living,” which are keywords essential when discussing a home. This represents the concept of hoping to offer homes that are the treasure of a lifetime to as many people as possible.

The Decision to Change the Company's Name

"MIRARTH". This new trade name was created by combining the words Mirai (future) and Earth. The company's raison d'etre, Purpose, is "to make the future of people and the Earth happy through the power of designing a sustainable environment. The company's mission statement is "to make the future of people and the Earth happy through the power of designing a sustainable environment. It represents our determination to go beyond being a "comprehensive real estate developer" and evolve into a "future environment design company.

History of MIRARTH Holdings Group
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4.Holdings Structure

On October 1, 2022, Takara Leben transitions to a holding company structure and becomes MIRARTH Holdings.

Holdings Structure
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5.Shareholder Composition

Shareholder Composition
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6.Business and Segment Structure

The Group is aggressively diversifying and integrating its businesses by leveraging the knowledge it has accumulated in the real estate business. While keeping the real estate business as our core business, we aim to build a well-balanced portfolio by expanding our energy and asset management businesses.

Business and Segment Structure
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7.At a Glance

At a Glance
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8.Financial Highlights

  • Net Sales

    Net Sales
  • Operating Income

    Operating Income
  • Net Income Attributable to Owners of Parent

    Net Income Attributable to Owners of Parent

9.Management Plan

Management Plan


We will promote long-term management policies formulated based on materiality to realize our ideal state.

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11.Management Indicators

Logic Tree
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12. Progress of Medium-Term Management Plan

 Progress of Medium-Term Management Plan
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Although the core real estate business is progressing according to initial plans, the energy business has experienced a major change in its earnings structure due to the cancellation of the planned sale of a power generation facility and initial expenses related to the tender offer, as a result of the effect of making Takara Leben Infrastructure Investment Corporation a consolidated subsidiary following its tender offer for Takara Leben Infrastructure Investment Corporation. This has resulted in a significant change in the Company's earnings structure. Therefore, we have revised the performance targets of the medium-term management plan announced in May 2021.

 Progress of Medium-Term Management Plan
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13.Shareholder Returns

Dividend per Share/Dividend Payout Ratio

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