Return Policy

Shareholder Returns Policy

Considering the return of profits to shareholders to be one of its most important management priorities, the MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group maintains a policy of providing stable dividend returns and has set a target dividend payout ratio of 30%-35% during the current Medium-Term Management Plan. In addition to an interim dividend of 4 yen per share and a year-end dividend of 16 yen per share, in fiscal 2022 we paid a 50th anniversary commemorative dividend of 2 yen, for a total annual dividend of 22 yen per share and a dividend payout ratio of 52.5%. For fiscal 2023, we are planning to pay an annual dividend of 24 yen per share, translating to a dividend payout ratio of 31.0%, in line with our performance forecast. Although on an upward trend, TSR has not kept up with the TOPIX rate of increase. Going forward, we will realize improvements in our profitability by means of stable growth in the real estate business, dra- matic EBITDA growth in the energy business, which is the engine for future growth, and stable earnings expansion in the asset management business. I would like to actively promote dialogue with all our stakeholders so that share- holders and investors can better understand our strategies, which are designed to improve financial soundness. In grateful anticipation of your ongoing support for the MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group in the years to come.

Dividend per Share/Dividend Payout Ratio

Dividend per Share/Dividend Payout Ratio
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