Real Estate Business

Business : 01Real Estate Business

The condominium business conducts development, planning, and sales of a series of housings under the brand names Leben and Nebel. The detached home distribution business operates mainly in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, with a consistent system of responsibility through handling development and construction in-house. The purchase & resale business deals with used condominiums for rent in areas with high-location value. Asset management and operation service for real estate is also provided, as well as a management service for condominiums. Thus the Takara Leben Group engages in a variety of real estate-related businesses that form the core of the enterprise.


Energy Business

Business : 02Energy Business

We sell the electricity generated by using renewable energy to electric power companies to earn a stable income. By generating renewable energy, we will play a role in contributing to society by stabilizing the power supply. We are working to build a business model that does not depend on the FIT system, and we will contribute to a sustainable future by diversifying our business portfolio into solar, wind, and biomass power generation using biovoltaic power generation and cashew nut shells for renewable energy that we handle.


アセットマネジメント事業 イメージ画像

Business : 03Asset Management Business

This business utilizes the Takara Leben Group’s wealth of expertise, knowledge, and networks in real estate and renewable energy. In addition to being entrusted by the Takara Leben Infrastructure Fund, Inc. which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Infrastructure Fund Market, the group actively engages in J-REIT and private placement funds, providing excellent investment opportunities and solid asset management services to a wide range of investors.


その他事業(建築・ホテル・介護) イメージ画像

Business : 04Other Businesses: Construction, Hotel

A construction business that takes into account the careful quality control system and the reduction of environmental impact. With the brand vision of "Relaxation in everyday life, travel expands," each group company is involved in a wide range of businesses, including the hotel management business, which develops the original brand "HOTEL THE LEBEN."