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Representative Director / MIRARTH HOLDINGS, Inc. Kazuichi Shimada

To be a company that makes people and the earth happy in the future

Representative Director / MIRARTH HOLDINGS, Inc.Kazuichi Shimada

From a comprehensive real estate developer to a "company that designs environments of the future"

On October 1, 2022, Takara Leben, celebrating 50 years in business, transitioned to a holding company structure and began as MIRARTH HOLDINGS, Inc.

The environment surrounding the real estate market is rapidly changing along with various changes, such as a declining domestic population due to the falling birthrate and aging population, depopulation of rural areas due to the concentration of population in urban areas, and outbreaks of pandemics. As new housing needs emerge, such as homes with ample workspace, homes incorporating advanced technology, and homes with low environmental impact, the responsibilities required of us as a housing provider are more diverse than ever.

In the midst of these changes, our group has continued to consider what we should do to address the various issues that society seeks to solve and what we should do to realize the happiness of all people. The conclusion we came to was that we should go beyond being a general real estate developer and evolve into a new company that co-creates with local communities and engages in future urban development, so that we can lead the future of housing and society in a better direction.

The new company name, MIRARTH, is a combination of the words "Mirai (future)" and "Earth." It expresses the Group's determination to evolve into a company that makes people and the Earth happy in the future through contributions to local communities and society. In addition, at the launch of the new organization, we have defined the Group's raison d'etre as it moves toward the next stage of its existence, with a purpose of "To design sustainable environments for a happier future for both people and our planet." We will promote new growth through sustainability management based on the purpose and innovation in our business structure, aiming to become a "company that designs environments of the future" that brings happiness to the future of people and the Earth.

Promoting sustainability activities group-wide

The Group has set "proactive response to ESG" as one of the seven pillars of its medium-term management plan, and has established four key sustainability themes of "Creating Lifestyles with Value," "Providing Comfortable Spaces of High Quality," "Forming Communities," and "Developing Environments and Cultures," and is promoting sustainability initiatives group-wide.

For example, on the environmental front, we are not only promoting our energy business, which we have been focusing on, but also developing environmentally friendly properties, such as "L.Biz NIHOMBASHI," the first in our series of office buildings to receive CASBEE certification A rank. In addition, to achieve carbon neutrality within the Group, we have endorsed the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure) recommendations and are expanding our information disclosure.

On the social front, we have made "human resource development and the creation of a rewarding work environment" a pillar of our medium-term management plan, and we will strengthen our human capital management by promoting career development programs, proactive responses to reforms in work styles, strengthening engagement through the promotion of inner branding, and diversity and inclusion.

We have also established a Regional Strategy Department to accelerate our efforts in regional development nationwide, and are actively participating in redevelopment and reconstruction projects in the Urban Development Department. In the redevelopment project at the site of the former Okajima Department Store (Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture), we plan to build the largest tower residence in the prefecture as a catalyst for revitalization of the central city area, along with next-generation commercial facilities, a plaza for events, and a large self-propelled parking facility. The project aims to increase the number of "city dwellers" and attract visitors to the central city area, to serve as a starting point for the circulation of residents and visitors, and to develop the central city area in a way that will lead to the revitalization of the bustling city center.

In terms of governance, MIRARTH HOLDINGS has increased the number of outside directors to at least a majority and actively appointed female directors. We have established the Nominating Committee and the Compensation Committee as voluntary advisory bodies, and aim to be a company that all stakeholders can trust.

Sustainability initiatives are a key strategy for our mid- to long-term growth. While recognizing the importance of disclosing non-financial data, we will engage in sustainability activities through our business and contribute to solving social issues and achieving the SDGs.

A universal determination to consider the happiness of all people

Over the 50 years since its establishment in 1972, our group has evolved while changing its business and structure to keep pace with the changing times. However, at all times, what has remained at the heart of our group's business has been our attitude and determination to conduct our business with the happiness of all people in mind. Under the new organizational structure, we will build on the knowledge, technology, and trust we have accumulated over the past 50 years to move forward toward the realization of a sustainable society in which people can live with peace of mind. We are going to show the future of MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group, which aims for the future happiness of people and the Earth.

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