Personnel Management

HR System

Based on the idea that each employee of the MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group is a co-creator of lasting growth for the future, Takara Leben is promoting a new personnel system that will produce the stable human resources needed to achieve its management plan.

Under the new system, evaluation items are set for each grade and job classification based on a "Promise": specific daily actions that employees should take. In addition, in order to realize appropriate, fair, and transparent evaluation and treatment, revisions have been made to the behavioral evaluation, such as aligning evaluation criteria by the evaluation committee. Through these efforts, we aim to provide more convincing feedback to employees and improve evaluation skills by promoting understanding of the significance of the evaluation system and evaluation criteria among managers.

Basic Policy for Personnel System

Personnel system which stably nurture talent required to achieve management plan

  • Clearly state the type of people required by the company to build a framework where employees can set out their career vision.
  • Review distribution of labor costs to secure and keep talented people as well as improve motivation.
  • Conduct training and selection to generate talented people for management positions.
  • Ensure evaluation and treatment are highly fair and transparent to nurture employees’ sense of acceptance and increase their desire to grow.

12 Actions for Our Promise

  1. 1. Fully engage in work
  2. 2. Enjoy work from the heart
  3. 3. Speak truthfully from the heart
  4. 4. Be serious in each and every task
  5. 5. Respect each other
  6. 6. Pursue the right things
  7. 7. Pay attention to feelings
  8. 8. Act swiftly
  9. 9. Take initiative to propose, and carry through actions
  10. 10. Treat teamwork with importance
  11. 11. Remove existing barriers
  12. 12. Never give up

Effects of Personnel System Revision

Takara Leben is conducting a detailed analysis of the progress of the new personnel system, which is designed to ensure appropriate, fair, and transparent evaluations and treatment and alignment of evaluation criteria, and will work to make continuous improvements.

As certain problems were pointed out, including an upside trend in evaluation, variations in evaluation criteria, and delays in the acquisition of qualifications, we have considered and implemented changes to resolve these issues including changes to evaluation methods and requirements for promotions.

Attracting treatment
to the talented people
of operations
Improvement to
retention rate of
talented people
  • Productivity improvement
  • Creation of new businesses
  • Passing down knowledge
  • Development of unity within the company

360 Degree Diagnosis

We conduct 360-degree diagnosis for the purpose of training managers and above and improving the organization. The 360-degree diagnosis is an effective opportunity to learn how one's daily activities are perceived by those around them, to learn about gaps in perception between oneself and others, and to gain an objective view of oneself. The purpose of the 360-degree diagnosis is to understand strengths and weaknesses that you do not recognize by receiving multifaceted feedback from those around you, and to improve your ability to demonstrate your behavior by learning about your own behavioral tendencies.

In FY2022, a questionnaire was sent to 85 persons at the rank of deputy manager and above, surveying the individual, his/her supervisor, co-workers, and subordinates. Based on the results of the responses, feedback was provided to the individual.

Implementation of Talent Management System

As the group size expanded, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of employees, and personnel information and data were scattered and managed by each group company. Takara Leben implemented a talent management system to solve these problems, manage personnel information effectively and from multiple perspectives, and make the best use of human resources.
A talent management system is a tool that converts various information on each employee's skills, abilities, transfers, and evaluations into data and centrally manages it. The centralized management of disparate information enables multifaceted analysis and visualization of human resource information, leading to strategic utilization of human resource information. Starting with Takara Leben, we plan to gradually roll out the system to our group companies.

Various Training Systems

We offer a variety of training programs aimed at the growth of each employee and the improvement of our overall strength as an organization.

Basic Policy on Education and Training

  • Develop human resources not only based on our vision, but also as members of society that we can be proud of to our stakeholders.
  • Implement programs that enable each employee to feel a sense of personal growth and design their career.
  • Enhance the organization and work management skills necessary for each job rank, including leadership and developmental capabilities and organizational management capabilities, linked with the personnel evaluation systems.
  • Support the acquisition of specialized knowledge, skills, and the other business skills necessary for the execution of business.

Entry-Level Employee Training

New employees undergo periodic training for three years after joining the Company to foster awareness as members of society, members of an organization, and employees as well as self-awareness of their own work duties and responsibilities within the Company and to acquire the skills required to produce results as professionals. In accordance with the New Employee Three-Year Educational Program, new employees undergo training in their first, second, and third years of employment to clarify their roles, targets, objectives, and so on and to foster employees who can exercise initiative.

Support for Acquisition of Real Estate Transaction Agent Qualifications

Takara Leben is promoting initiatives to encourage its employees to obtain the Real Estate Transaction Qualification (hereafter referred to as Takken), requiring them to submit a study plan, providing guidance on study materials, and conducting mock tests.
Takara Leben Realnet also provides support for obtaining the Takken qualification by conducting in-house tests twice a week, using exercise books.

DX Internship

Takara Leben conducted a long-term internship program for the purpose of verifying the requirements for recruiting new graduates who will promote DX and to inform universities and technical colleges that train engineers and other external parties of the Company's initiatives related to digital human resources.
In FY2022, two students from Vantan Techford Academy, an educational institution that trains engineers, were invited to the Tokyo Head Office and Group DX & VX Strategy Department for approximately four months to improve operations using low-code development tools and work with the Sustainability Promotion Division on sustainability-related work experience.

Expansion of Educational and Training Programs

Takara Leben is striving to enhance its education and training programs with the aim of improving the growth of each individual employee and the overall strength of the organization. In FY2022, we systematically implemented a year-long program to acquire the knowledge and skills required of each individual, including training for new employees, training by job level, and training for selected personnel.

Training Structure Chart

Training Structure Chart

Job Rotation

We are promoting the activation of job rotation, which involves regular transfers of workplaces and changes in duties. By having young employees experience transfers across headquarters and divisions, we promote understanding of the company as a whole, the pursuit of their potential, and the strengthening of their ability to adapt to different environments. We will also develop generalists with a wide range of knowledge and skills, and strengthen organizational capabilities by deepening ties between departments.

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