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Health Management

Comfortable Workplace Environment

Introduction of a Telework System

In April 2019, Takara Leben introduced a telework system, supporting more diverse employee work styles. Employees who meet specific conditions, such as those related to the content of their work, or employees who have given birth, are parenting, or who provide nursing care, can work remotely up to three times a week, without coming to the office, after implementing information leakage countermeasures and other measures. We plan to further promote this telework system with the aims of becoming an even more attractive company with flexible work styles that are not fixated on specific locations or times and contributing to our BCP.

Introduction of a Telework System

Yokohama Good Balance Award*

Leben Home Build has been certified as a "Yokohama Good Balance Award" company under the certification system of Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
This certification system supports small- and medium-sized enterprises in Yokohama City that actively promote the creation of a workplace environment in which everyone can work comfortably.
The company has been continuously certified since FY 2017, and in FY 2021 was awarded the "Three-Time Continuous Award" for companies that continuously work to improve their workplaces. The certification period is two years, and the company is judged on six criteria, including "diverse and flexible work styles" and "promotion of women's activities."

  • * The system was partially revised in FY2023 and changed from the "Yokohama Good Balance Award" to the "Yokohama Good Balance Company Certification."
Yokohama Good Balance Award
Yokohama Good Balance Award

Workplace Environment

Takara Leben has long held twice-monthly "clean times" to clean and organize offices in an effort to create environments where employees can work comfortably.

At the head office, personnel in charge conduct regular internal patrols to clean conference rooms and other common spaces.
In addition, as a unique initiative, the Matsuyama Branch allocates a person in charge of cleaning office spaces and meeting rooms to each department, and all employees have time to clean these spaces four days a week. Each employee working on how to organize and maintain the workplace environment and making efforts for beautification of the branch to keep their office clean and hygienic on a daily basis.

Support for Diverse Work Styles

In light of the "Workplace Reform-Related Legislation" which has been sequentially enforced from April 2019, we are working to "correct long working hours," "realize diverse and flexible work styles," and "ensure fair treatment regardless of employment status."

With regard to long working hours, we are promoting the creation of workplaces where employees do not work long hours by, for example, strictly enforcing "overtime work of 45 hours or less per month in principle and 60 hours or less only six times a year" and considering visualization of actual working conditions to reflect them into personnel evaluations. Employees who work long hours are given "interview guidance by a doctor" and "monitoring of working hours," and information is shared with the Health Committee and industrial physicians to prevent health hazards and occupational accidents.

Regarding the use of paid leave that leads to a flexible work style suited to each employee, we strongly encourage employees to take the annual paid leave granted to each of them, subject to compliance with the "five-day paid leave obligation."

With regard to "equal pay for equal work," which came into effect in April 2020, we are "improving the treatment of contract employees" and "considering the abolition of contract employees" with the aim of creating a workplace that is rewarding for all employees.

Promoting Office Reforms

Leben Clean Energy moved its headquarters to Iidabashi, Tokyo, in November 2022. The new office incorporates a free-address office layout that incorporates ABW (Activity Based Working), a work style strategy for autonomously optimizing the workplace environment and work style. The new office is designed to activate communication among employees that transcends departmental barriers and hierarchies, maximize productivity and efficiency, and conserve resources by eliminating paper.
In addition, a café space has been set up to create a space for communication and work while relaxing, and a library with books recommended by employees has been established to promote the sharing of knowledge and entertainment.
In addition, smoke-free smoking booths are installed to prevent the diffusion of harmful substances and the smell of cigarette" on clothing and bodies, providing an environment that is receptive to the diversity of employees and allows them to refresh themselves efficiently in a short time.

Promoting Office Reforms
Promoting Office Reforms

Basic Policy on Health and Safety

The MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group provides proactive support to ensure the safety of employees and maintain and enhance their health. We strive to create work environments where diverse human resources can work to demonstrate their full capabilities. We have established a Health Committee to implement these measures and undertake comprehensive employee health and safety management.

Health Committee

Takara Leben is working to create a workplace environment in which all employees can work with peace of mind, centered on the Health Committee as stipulated by Article 18 of the Occupational Health and Safety Law.

The company's Health Committee considers "traffic accidents," "occupational accidents," and "overtime work" as important risks that threaten the safety and health of employees in the workplace, and holds regular meetings to conduct investigations and reports on the actual situation and discusses ways to solve problems.

Committee members representing different workplaces raised specific issues of workplace environments and practices that hinder the reduction of overtime work and the promotion of leave-taking, and measures to improve them were discussed with management and implemented in turn.

Periodic Medical Examinations

We encourage employees to undergo periodic medical examinations, as specified by laws and regulations, and the Human Resources Department actively reaches out to employees to raise examination rates. We also take measures to establish work environments at each business location that are conducive to undergoing medical examinations. In order to discover various medical conditions at an early stage, those aged 30 and above are able to undergo medical examinations for the prevention of lifestyle diseases, female employees are able to undergo gynecological examinations, and those aged 35 and above can go for a complete medical checkup.

Stress Checks

We conduct stress checks as a form of stress management to prevent mental health issues among employees, and the results are shared at Executive Committee meetings. Moreover, employees can receive free counseling at any time from an independent, third-party organization without the Company’s knowledge.

Safe Driving Courses

Takara Leben conducts safe driving courses at the time of entry-level employee training. The courses explain that making an effort to prevent accidents is a part of our CSR and an aspect of corporate activities. Information on accident trends is presented, group work in the form of risk prediction training is conducted, and various other measures are taken to prevent accidents.

Health Care Management

Efforts to Reduce Working Hours

Takara Leben promotes a "time-conscious and efficient work style" with the aim of improving employee health, and in fiscal year 2021, we introduced an "application system for extended PC use" linked to the turning on and off of PCs. The system is expected to reduce overtime hours because if an employee continues to use a PC without requesting extended PC use (overtime work) from the manager, a warning will appear on the screen and the PC will be shut down. On the other hand, it is expected that managers will be able to visualize the details of their subordinates’ overtime work, thereby increasing their awareness of the need to manage the organization in a well-balanced manner.

Each company in our group is working to create a workplace environment where employees can work in a relaxed and healthy manner.
Leben Trust is working to resolve issues identified based on an employee awareness survey regarding work-life balance by implementing a no-overtime day twice a month in each section, encouraging staggered work hours and paid holidays, promoting telework, supplementing personnel as needed, and promoting the introduction of DX.
In October 2022, Leben Community started operating a new attendance leaving system, which allows us to extract more accurate figures than before. We will continue to manage the health of our employees by checking the status of leaving work.

Mental Health

Takara Leben conducts stress checks (once a year) to encourage employees to become aware of their own stress, leading to early detection of and response to mental health problems. Employees who have undergone stress checks are provided, according to the results, with learning content that can be used to improve their mental health situation and self-care. Furthermore, we support mental health care for employees and their families through the establishment of a consultation center outside the company where employees can receive advice from professionals (clinical psychologists, mental health workers, and industrial counselors) according to their wishes.

Mental Health

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