Third-Party Opinion

Third-Party Opinion

Yuuko Miura Outside Auditor

Outside DirectorChiaki Tsuji

MIRARTH HOLDINGS transitioned to a holding company structure in October 2022, as we believe it is essential to further strengthen governance and sustainability management, while promoting sustainable growth and building a structure that enables rapid and flexible management decisions.

In addition, we have newly adopted Our Purpose, which is "To design sustainable environments for a happier future for both people and our planet." from a broader perspective beyond being a comprehensive real estate developer, and are strengthening ESG management and proactively developing sustainability activities more than ever before.

I am impressed by the Group's recent efforts to conduct environmentally friendly management not only in the real estate business, such as the sale and management of new condominiums, but also in a wide range of other business areas, including the energy business, hotel business, urban development/urban redevelopment, and asset management business. Above all, we greatly appreciate their contribution to the overall environment through cooperation with government and municipalities.

Specific initiatives are reported and discussed at meetings of the Board of Directors, management meetings, and various committees. In order to gain a deeper understanding, I have visited construction sites and model rooms of development projects in which we participate, and through dialogue with each person in charge, from condominium site procurement to construction and sales, I have observed how each person is diligently working at his or her post.

I was particularly impressed by the words of a model room sales representative: "The people who visit our model rooms are all happy people. We are in the business of making them happier." Many of the people who are considering purchasing condominiums developed and sold by our group are people who have reached a turning point in their lives, such as marriage, childbirth, children's higher education, or employment, and are thinking positively about the purchase of a home. I was able to understand that each employee is working with the awareness of supporting the customers' happier future. On the other hand, we've recognized issues on the ground that the company needs to address, such as the frequent transfers of sales representatives, the complexity of administrative tasks, and working hours.

One solution to these challenges is digitization through DX promotion. It not only reduces the burden on employees, but also improves the efficiency of our company's overall operations and reduces the burden on the environment. However, model rooms and paper brochures and flyers play an important role in condominium sales. Therefore, as we move forward with digitization, we need to carefully consider the extent to which these areas can be digitized.

In our medium-term management plan announced in May 2021, we also set forth key measures such as "DX" and "ESG" to contribute to solving social issues and achieving the SDGs through our business, and to earn the trust of various stakeholders and society and achieve lasting corporate development.

I appreciate the efforts made to achieve this goal and look forward to the Group's further growth and contribution to sustainability in the future.

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