Stakeholder & Initiatives

Dialogue with Stakeholders

Main Stakeholders Expectations and Requests Major Responses of the Group
(corporations and individuals)
  • Supply of valuable products and services
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction in all areas, including quality and cost
  • Supply of environmentally friendly products
  • Provision of accurate and appropriate information concerning products and services
  • Introduction of online consultation system
  • Introduction of online condominium show room system
  • Provision of "clean air and spaces"
  • Provision of properties with ZEH-M Oriented certification
  • Administration of sales staff questionnaire
  • Publication of "Smilax" quarterly
Contracting parties and tenants of condominiums and detached houses
Users of tenant buildings
Users, etc. of various services
Local communities
  • Prevention of accidents and disasters
  • Collaboration and coordination in solving social issues
  • Securing of employment
  • Participation in social contribution activities
  • Participation in and sponsorship of local events
  • Holding of community events at managed properties
  • Implementation of social contribution activities
  • Regional revitalization through rebuilding and redevelopment business
Local communities, residents, local governments, etc. related to MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group business
Trading partners
  • Fair and evenhanded transactions
  • Information sharing and collaboration with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction and CSR procurement
  • Fair and evenhanded transactions
  • Collaboration and coordination in operations
Construction contractors
Business operators etc. related to the provision of various services
  • Creation of prosperous lives for employees and their families
  • Human resource utilization and development
  • Appropriate evaluation and compensation
  • Respect for human rights, personality, and individuality
  • Creation of workplaces in which diverse personnel can thrive
  • Attention to occupational health and safety
  • Implementation of training programs
  • Implementation of human resource and evaluation interviews
  • Operation of help line desks
  • Introduction of a Telework System
  • Promotion of staggered commuting times and reduced working hours
  • Establishment of a Health Committee
MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group employees and their families
Shareholders and investors
  • Maintenance and improvement of corporate value
  • Securing of stable profits and appropriate return of profits
  • Enhancement of corporate governance system
  • Creation of risk management systems
  • Appropriate disclosure of corporate information at appropriate time
  • Holding financial results briefings and general meetings of shareholders
  • Holding meetings with domestic and overseas institutional investors
  • Conducting individual meetings with domestic and overseas institutional investors
  • Conducting shareholder surveys
  • Holding company-introductory sessions and participating in IR fairs
  • Disclosing IR information on the website
  • Obtaining external certification
Individual and institutional investors

Initiatives and Participation in Industry Groups

Signing the UN Global Compact

In 2020, Takara Leben (currently MIRARTH HOLDINGS) signed and registered as a participating company in the United Nations Global Compact* proposed by the United Nations. We will continue our efforts to realize the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which comprise the four areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

  • * The United Nations Global Compact was proposed by then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 1999 at the World Economic Forum in Davos and was launched in 2000.


Takara Leben (currently MIRARTH HOLDINGS) participated in the 2022 GRESB* Infrastructure Asset Evaluation for the fourth consecutive year. Takara Leben Infrastructure Fund's solar power generation facilities and the Company's policies and performance in addressing ESG issues were evaluated, and as a result, the Company received a higher overall score than last year and was awarded a 3-star rating in the GRESB Rating, a 5-level rating system based on global relative rankings.

Furthermore, Takara Leben Infrastructure Fund received a 4-star rating (the highest being 5-star) in the "GRESB Rating" and was selected as an "Asia Sector Leader."

In addition, Takara Leben Real Estate Investment Corporation received a "Green Star" rating in the 2022 GRESB Real Estate Assessment for the fourth consecutive year, which indicates that the company received high marks for both management and performance with respect to ESG.

  • * The name of the annual benchmark assessment that measures environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in real estate and infrastructure investments and the organization that administers it, created in 2009 primarily by a group of major European pension funds that led the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Signing the Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century

Takara PAG Real Estate Advisory endorses the concept of the Principles for Financial Action Toward a Sustainable Society (the Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century) and signed on to them in March 2022.

The Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century were formulated in October 2011 by the "Japanese Environmental Financial Action Principles Drafting Committee," a broad range of financial institutions, based on the recommendations of the Central Environmental Council of the Ministry of the Environment, as action guidelines for financial institutions to fulfill their responsibilities and roles necessary for the creation of a sustainable society.

The company aims to implement initiatives based on the seven principles set forth by the Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century to help create a sustainable society.

Signing the Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century

Participation in the Japan Climate Initiative (JCI)

In March 2022, Takara PAG Real Estate Advisory joined the Japan Climate Initiative (JCI) to endorse its declaration, "Japan's participation at the forefront of the global effort to decarbonize."

The JCI was established in July 2018 as a network of Japanese companies, local governments, organizations, and NGOs that are actively working to combat climate change in order to achieve the decarbonized society envisioned by the Paris Agreement.

The company is committed to working with JCI's stakeholders to strengthen the efforts to achieve a decarbonized society.

Participation in the Japan Climate Initiative (JCI)

Participation in Industry Groups and Japan Business Federation, etc.

Member of the Real Estate Companies Association of Japan (a general incorporated association)
Member of National Housing Industry Association (a general incorporated association)
Member of Metropolitan Area Real Estate Fair Trade Council (a local public corporation)
Member of Japan Business Federation (a general incorporated association)

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