Sustainability Management

Sustainability Basic Policy

MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group was holds as its purpose: "To design sustainable environments for a happier future for both people and our planet." and contribute to solving social issues and achieving the SDGs by engaging in sustainability activities through our business, such as the supply of housing and the introduction of natural energy, in order to gain the trust of different stakeholders and society and achieve lasting development.

Sustainability Basic Policy

Sustainability Promotion System

The Group has established a sustainability promotion system based on the recognition that "addressing issues surrounding sustainability, including consideration of climate change and other global environmental issues, respect for human rights, consideration of employee health and the working environment and fair and appropriate treatment of employees, fair and appropriate transactions with business partners, and risk management in the event of natural disasters are important management issues."
The Sustainability Committee, chaired by the Representative Director and composed of directors, presidents and division heads of group companies, is responsible for promoting ESG strategies, determining policies and measures concerning sustainability, examining and promoting materiality issues, reviewing progress, and deliberating on improvement plans.

Sustainability Promotion System
Masashi Yamamoto Director, Group CFO and Managing Executive Officer

Message from the Director in Charge of Sustainability

Group CFO and Managing Director
/Executive OfficerMasashi Yamamoto

In recent years, we are faced with major challenges that must be addressed by the entire world as we live on the Earth, including environmental issues such as climate change, the impact of new coronavirus infections, and rising conflicts and tensions in the international community. In addition, as the SDGs, a set of common global goals, become more prevalent, and the role that companies should play and the expectations of their stakeholders rise, we feel that the importance of sustainability initiatives in companies is increasing year by year.
Our Group has been promoting ESG initiatives not only by contributing to urban development and community building through the supply and management of housing, but also by developing businesses in the clean energy field, including the development and operation of mega solar power plants.
In April 2022, we established the Sustainability Committee with the aim of further strengthening our ESG strategy and building a more cross-functional and agile sustainability promotion system. The Committee meeting was held five times during the last fiscal year, and in addition to deciding on various sustainability-related policies and measures and setting targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the participants discussed various social issues surrounding the Group. In addition, upon transitioning to a holding company structure in October, we are establishing and reorganizing organizations suitable for sustainability-related initiatives and working to unify Group-wide awareness in each of these initiatives.
In addition to implementing various measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we plan to re-identify key issues (materialities) linked to management strategies and review KPIs in line with the Holdings structure. We will accelerate our company-wide, cross-sectional efforts in our group's business activities. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

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