Value Creation & Materiality

Value Creation Process

MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group has achieved sustainable growth by providing products and services that meet diversifying housing needs. With the transition to a holding company structure, we aim to provide new value by leveraging the strengths of the Group that we have built up over the years and by creating group synergies.

Sustainability Promotion System

Sustainability Key Themes and Key Issue Identification Process

The Group has identified key sustainability themes and critical issues through the following steps.

  1. step1

    Grasp and organize social issues

    We identified 31 issues relating to the business environment based on GRI, SDGs, SASB, and other international guidelines, as well as our Group philosophy and Medium-Term Management Plan and requests from our customers, shareholders and investors, local communities, employees, and other stakeholders.

  2. step2

    Evaluate the significance from the MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group’s perspective

    We set priorities by sorting out the results of questionnaires completed by all employees, including the management and officers, and each issue’s relation with our business and Group philosophy.

  3. step3

    Evaluate the importance from our stakeholders’ perspectives

    We set priorities by sorting out the results of questionnaires completed by customers, shareholders and investors, and business partners and the requirements based on international guidelines such as the GRI and the SDGs.

  4. step4

    Identify key issues

    The key issues were identified after the priorities were reconsidered from the perspectives of the Takara Leben Group and our stakeholders, and reviewed by the management.

  5. step5

    Policy setting for key sustainability themes

    Policies were set for the four key sustainability themes.


Targets and Achievements

Sustainability Key Themes KPIs FY Mar. 2023 FY Mar. 2024
Targets Results Targets
Creating Lifestyles with Value Propose new lifestyle services 5 projects 13 projects 5 projects
Supply of new condominiums for sale overseas 3 condos*1 3 condos 3 projects*1
Supply of NEBEL series condominiums 3 condos 3 condos 3 condos
Forming Communities Redevelopment projects undertaken 2 projects 2 projects*2 2 projects
Community sponsorships 10 16 10
Conduct the board effectiveness assessments *3
Enhancement and strengthening of corporate governance system *4
Consideration of introducing the clawback provisions *5
Implement anti-corruption education and training *6
Promote understanding of human rights issues among officers and employees *7
Number of cases of adverse treatment 0 0 0
Survey to confirm the recognition rate of the whistle-blowing system
Percentage of employees receiving health checkups 100% 99.1% 100%
Stress check examination rate 100% 87.9% 100%
Percentage of employees taking paid leave 70% 68.7% 70%
Percentage of employees with disabilities 2.30% 2.0% 2.30%
Percentage of female managers 9.5%*1 11.0% 9.5%*1
Percentage of employees returning to work after maternity or parental leave 100% 88.9% 100%
Training hours per employee 24 hours 28.3 hours 24 hours
Satisfaction rate of sales staff survey 90% 89.3% 90%
Providing Comfortable Spaces of High Quality Number of nonconformities related to business processes and quality standards 10 or less 1 project 10 or less
Implementation of preventive action sharing meetings 5 or more times 7 times 5 or more times
Training of SQMS® masters 2 or more persons 0*8 2 or more persons
Acquisition rate of housing performance evaluation certificates 100% 100% 100%
Rate of accidents and lost time injuries (*covered: employees) 0% 0% 0%
Number of lost workday injuries (*covered: employees) 0 0 0
Safety meetings once a year once once a year
Special patrols (safety checks) 4 times a year 3 times 4 times a year
Number of safety and health training sessions (*training targets: employees) twice a year once twice a year
Results of supplier surveys No plan to implement in FY Mar. 2023 A-rank acquisition rate 90%
Rate of accidents and lost time (*target: suppliers)) 1.83% or less 0% 1.83% or less
Developing Environments and Cultures Acquisition and disclosure of CO2emissions *9
Setting CO2emission reduction targets *9
Percentage of houses certified for energy efficiency rating (Flat 35) 100% of detached houses 100% of detached houses 100% of detached houses
Sponsorship for culture fostering events 5 8 5
Acquisition of ZEH condominium certification 1 1 1
Acquisition of CASBEE certification with A rank or higher 1 1 1
New operating generation capacity of power generation facilities from renewable energy sources 20MW 10MW 20MW
Total power generation 360MW*1 360MW 360MW*1
Obtaining quantitative data on resources and water and setting reduction targets *10
Formulation of manuals for BCP measures *11
  1. *1 Set as a mid-term target for FY March 31, 2025.
  2. *2 Number of new projects participated in. In addition, eight projects are under construction or being promoted.
    (Including the Excellent Building Maintenance Project, etc.)
  3. *3 conducted anonymous survey assessments and interviews targeting all directors and auditors, including external directors, utilizing external consulting firms.
  4. *4 In addition to establishing a separate Compliance Committee and Risk Management Committee, and appointing a Group Chief Risk Officer (CRO), the Group implemented measures to strengthen governance within the holding company structure.
  5. *5 Conducted and continued review of the executive compensation system by the Compensation Committee.
  6. *6 Partially implemented through compliance training.
  7. *7 Formulate a group human rights policy and strengthen internal and external dissemination of the policy.
  8. *8 No new recruitment due to promotion of measures by existing members.
  9. *9 Target scope: Scope 1 and Scope 2.
  10. *10 An internal system is being developed to establish data collection and aggregation.
  11. *11 It is being reformulated in line with the holding structure.