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Endorsement of TCFD Recommendations

Group companies Takara Leben, Takara Asset Management, and Takara PAG Real Estate Advisory have expressed their endorsement of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure) *1 recommendations and joined the TCFD Consortium*2.

MIRARTH HOLDINGS has positioned "proactive response to ESG" as one of the pillars of its medium-term management plan announced in May 2021, and has set KPIs for each of the key issues identified and is promoting group-wide initiatives to resolve these issues. In particular, climate change is a systemic risk in finance, and many stakeholders, including investors, are demanding disclosure of information on climate-related risks and opportunities. Identifying, assessing, and managing the risks and opportunities posed by climate change and enhancing the resilience of our business is essential to ensure our sustainable and stable earnings over the long term.

Going forward, we will strive to foster a relationship of trust with our stakeholders, enhance our corporate value, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by expanding our disclosure of information on climate change in line with the TCFD recommendations.

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  • *1 TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures): An international initiative established by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) at the request of the G20 to examine how climate-related disclosures and financial institutions should be addressed, recommendations for companies and others to disclose their "governance," "strategy," "risk management," and "indicators and targets" related to climate change-related risks and opportunities.
    TCFD Website
  • *2 TCFD Consortium: A private-sector initiative established in 2019 to discuss effective disclosure of corporate information and efforts to link disclosed information to appropriate investment decisions by financial institutions and others.
    TCFD Consortium Website


The following governance structure has been established to address climate-related risks and opportunities.
The Chief Executive Officer for climate-related issues is the Representative Director, and the Executive Officer is the Director in charge of sustainability.
The Chief Operating Officer reports regularly to the Chief Executive Officer on matters related to climate change response, including identification and assessment of climate change impacts, management of risks and opportunities, progress of adaptation and mitigation efforts, and establishment of indicators and targets, at the Sustainability Committee meetings. After deliberation and consideration of each agenda item by the attendees of the Sustainability Committee, decisions are made by the Chief Executive Officer.


MIRARTH HOLDINGS establishes a process for identifying, evaluating, and managing the impact of climate-related risks and opportunities on its business activities, strategies, and financial plans and operates it appropriately.
In identifying and assessing climate-related risks and opportunities, we aim to do so systematically and objectively, utilizing scientific and academic knowledge.

As part of our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, we entered the energy business in 2013 and have developed a number of mega solar power plants across Japan, promoting solar power generation and other renewable energy projects.
Through the development and operation of solar power generation facilities, we will continue to contribute to regional revitalization, including environmental improvement, energy self-sufficiency, and utilization of idle land, as well as further renewable energy supply to achieve carbon neutrality through initiatives such as wind power and biomass power generation projects.

Managing Risks and Opportunities

By managing identified climate-related risks/opportunities and promoting resilience initiatives, MIRARTH HOLDINGS aims to reduce business risks and realize value creation opportunities to ensure sustainable and stable earnings over the long term.

Indicators and Targets

In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we have set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Scope-1 and 2) from business activities of MIRARTH HOLDINGS Group by 50% (compared to FY2020) by FY2030 and to net zero by FY2050.
For Scope3, we are currently compiling energy data and plan to release our greenhouse gas emissions of this category in FY2023.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Image

Repeal and Revision

The Sustainability Committee approves this policy and any amendments or revisions to its content.
At least once a year, the Sustainability Committee reviews the content of this policy to ensure that it is appropriate for our approach to climate-related issues.

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