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"My Reha" Day Care Service Specializing in Rehabilitation

My Reha, operated by Leben Community, is a daycare service specializing in rehabilitation, helping support seniors’ independence through easy and fun physical training. This service has been offered in Saitama Prefecture and Chiba Prefecture since 2011, through facilities rooted in the community, to those certified as requiring support or nursing care. As Japan’s society continues to age and the number of people worried about their health in their senior years grows, My Reha focuses on what happiness means for its users and what My Reha can do for them. It uses unique programs, including Redcord exercises*, to help extend users’ healthy lifespans. In October 2019, the fifth My Reha location, My Reha Misato Rehabilitation Center, was opened in Saitama Prefecture’s Misato City. At present, we operate five rehabilitation centres in the prefectures of Saitama and Chiba.

  • * Redcord exercises are training exercises developed in Norway, a rehabilitation pioneer, that uses a red cord suspended from the ceiling.
“My Reha” Day Care Service Specializing in Rehabilitation

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