Disaster Response

Safety and Health Management

Crisis Management Structures in Leben Community

Leben Community has established solid crisis management structures to protect the safety and peace of mind of condominium residents.

Safety Management

Remote monitoring systems promptly alert a security company via telephone lines in the event of any abnormality in condominium facilities. If necessary, security personnel respond immediately. Through its inspections and staff training, Leben Community has established a system for responding appropriately in the event of an elevator, firefighting equipment, or other emergency.

Safety Management

Responses to a Large-Scale Disaster

Following the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, an emergency earthquake countermeasures headquarters was immediately established, and initial measures were promptly taken. During disaster recovery construction, we provided support from the perspectives of a management association, led by our commitment to speed, dependability, and sincerity and based on the expertise and skills we have developed through our equipment and repair experience.

Responses to a Large-Scale Disaster

Crisis Responses in Large Buildings

Leben Community implements Covid-19 infection prevention measures at large condominiums in each region based on its many years of experience.
In fiscal year 2020, at the Park City Mizonokuchi condominium in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, which has about 1,100 households, Leben Community cooperated with the management association, community association, and a disaster control center to implement systematic crisis response measures to conduct comprehensive infection prevention measures and prepare for the occurrence of infections. Specific measures included morning and afternoon disinfection of items that are frequently touched by residents, such as elevator buttons, handrails, intercom panels, and doorknobs, and other rigorous infection countermeasures. Leben Community also urged residents to take preventive measures within their individual residences (such as ensuring adequate ventilation and limiting going out for non-essential purposes) and to exercise caution while on the condominium grounds (such as wearing a mask, refraining from speaking while in elevators, and adopting trash disposal methods that reduce the risk of infection).

Leben Community encouraged residents to take appropriate action by providing easy access to information needed if they suspected they were infected or became infected. It also produced the Infection Prevention News, a newsletter compiling information on these infection prevention measures, and distributed it to residents. In addition to infection countermeasures, the newsletter contained contact information for public agencies, information about on-site specialized infectious disease clinics and nearby restaurants that provide takeout and delivery services, warnings about tax refund fraud, and more, providing wide-ranging support for life during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Crisis Responses in Large Buildings Image1
Crisis Responses in Large Buildings Image2

Disaster Response

Disaster Preparedness Drills

Leben Community supports the safety and security of the community of residents in condominiums. It is not easy for residents, including the elderly and children, to properly use fire-fighting equipment in their condominiums or to evacuate quickly through the correct evacuation route in case of emergency. The company conducts disaster drills in cooperation with the management association as part of its safety measures.

In the disaster drill held in November 2022, the number of participants was limited from the viewpoint of preventing new coronavirus infection. The drill included evacuation drills along actual evacuation routes, practical guidance by an AED rental company and an automatic fire alarm system maintenance and inspection company, and fire extinguishing drills using fire extinguishers by all participants.

Hands-on instruction on AED equipment
Hands-on instruction on AED equipment
Firefighting training using fire extinguishers
Firefighting training using fire extinguishers

HOTEL THE LEBEN OSAKA "Disaster Prevention Experience Mission Plan"

Since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and other major disasters, awareness of disaster prevention has continued to increase each time. At HOTEL THE LEBEN OSAKA (opening in March 2022), the Group's first hotel brand, Takara Leben is developing the "Disaster Prevention Experience Mission Plan" to provide an opportunity for families to learn about and discuss disaster prevention together. The plan provides guests with a simulated experience of a disaster by having them spend a day in an inconvenient guest room with no lighting, use disaster prevention goods, and eat preserved food. In the guest rooms, a booklet entitled "Disaster Prevention Mission 7: Let's Make Disaster Prevention Rules for Our Home" is available, and by completing the seven missions, such as "Decide on an evacuation site to meet" and "Think about disaster prevention goods for the family,” their own disaster prevention rule book will be completed, which can be taken home and put to use. We plan to actively contribute to local disaster prevention and disaster education for children by distributing the booklet and inviting students to participate in the Disaster Prevention Experience Mission Plan at public institutions and schools in the neighborhood.

HOTEL THE LEBEN OSAKA “Disaster Prevention Experience Mission Plan
HOTEL THE LEBEN OSAKA “Disaster Prevention Experience Mission Plan

Electric Power Supply in Times of Disaster

Conclusion of an Agreement on the Supply of Electric Power in the Event of a Disaster

Leben Clean Energy is developing renewable energy power sources, mainly small- and medium-scale solar power plants, and is also working with each community to ensure safety in the event of a disaster and strengthen disaster preparedness. In order to further strengthen cooperation with the local community and further enhance our disaster response capabilities, we concluded agreements with Mori-machi, Kayabe-gun, Hokkaido in October 2021 and with Akkeshi-cho, Akkeshi-gun, Hokkaido in April 2022 regarding the supply of electricity in the event of a disaster.

By further improving our disaster response capabilities, we will continue our efforts to quickly stabilize people's lives in the event of a disaster, as well as to ensure a stable supply of electric power and improve resilience.

Conclusion of an agreement on the supply of electric power in the event of a disaster

Contribution to Disaster Areas

Dispatch of Registered Non-Life Insurance Appraisers to Disaster Areas

In cooperation with major insurance companies, Leben Community dispatched two appraisers from the Company to conduct a total of 289 damage appraisals over a five-month period from April to August 2022 in the Fukushima and Miyagi prefecture areas damaged by the 2022 Fukushima Prefecture earthquake.

No other condominium management company has an appraiser on staff to perform damage appraisal and damage restoration work at the request of insurance companies, making this the first such initiative in the industry. A letter of appreciation was presented by a major insurance company on March 6, 2023, in recognition of the company's significant contribution to the prompt payment of insurance claims to disaster victims.

The company will continue to expand its business domain beyond condominium management by providing damage appraisal and damage restoration work at the request of insurance companies.

Number of Appraisals Conducted

April 2022 79 appraisals conducted
May 2022 52 appraisals conducted
June 2022 56 appraisals conducted
July 2022 56 appraisals conducted
August 2022 46 appraisals conducted
Total 289 appraisals conducted
Appraisal Implementation Statistics (2022)
Appraisal Implementation Statistics (2022)

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