Policy and Past Performance Regarding Dividends

Our basic decisions on dividends are not biased toward the dividend payout ratio, but are comprehensive and take into consideration factors such as dividend on equity (DOE) and dividend yield. We seek to be an appealing company by ensuring that shareholdings remain stable over the long rather than the short term and are not affected by fluctuations in share prices.

Dividend Per Share
Policy and Past Performance Regarding Dividends

Shareholder Questionnaires

We conduct periodic surveys to promote two-way communication with our shareholders. The valuable opinions we receive from the surveys are introduced to our shareholders through the shareholder newsletters posted on our website and are reflected in our subsequent IR activities.

Shareholder Questionnaires

Corporate Briefings for Individual Investors

In order to actively communicate with individual investors, MIRARTH HOLDINGS regularly holds company information sessions for individual investors in various locations throughout Japan. In FY2022, we held a company information session in Sapporo in September to explain our business and medium- to long-term strategies.

Disclosure Policy

MIRARTH HOLDINGS is disclosing information to everyone based on the following information disclosure policy.

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