Promotion of Well-being Policies

Employee Happiness Survey

Takara Leben, whose vision is "THINK HAPPINESS AND MAKE THE HAPPINESS." believes that increasing employee happiness is important for improving corporate value, and conducted a happiness survey of its employees in October 2022. Well-being refers to a state in which one is physically, mentally, and socially all fulfilled, and the importance of well-being has been highlighted in Goal 3 of the SDGs, as well as in terms of securing human resources and maintaining and improving economic vitality.

The Happiness Survey measures and quantifies the current level of employee happiness. We set KPIs by understanding and analyzing "the level of happiness" and "which items are sufficient or insufficient" of our employees, as well as examining future measures.
We will continue to conduct happiness surveys, promote strategic personnel affairs and optimal allocation of human resources to enhance employee happiness, and strengthen the system building associated with the change to a holding company.

Employee Personnel Interviews

In order to improve the working environment and workplace environment, and to create an environment where employees want to work for the company forever, Takara Leben conducts personnel interviews with all employees.
We collect information to reduce overtime hours, and by understanding employees' career plans, we consider improvement measures and aim to build a relationship in which employees feel comfortable discussing these issues with us.

Takara Leben Realnet is also working to improve the workplace environment by conducting personnel interviews with all employees and starting to operate a training system based on employees' opinions and requests.

Return to Employees

Takara Leben implemented a base salary increase of 2.5% on average in FY2023 in order to cope with the historic price increase and to attract, demonstrate, and activate diverse and talented human resources, who are the source of our competitiveness and lead to increased productivity. We will continue to create an environment in which employees can work and live with peace of mind, thereby improving employee engagement and strengthening Takara Leben's corporate competitiveness.

Strengthen Communication with Employees

We are promoting initiatives to listen to the voices of our employees in order to realize a better work environment.

50th Anniversary Event

On September 21, 2022, the anniversary of its founding, Takara Leben held the Takara Leben Group 50th Anniversary Party as its 50th anniversary event. Aiming to make the event "a day filled with much appreciation and excitement, a day to strengthen the sense of unity that has been nurtured over the past 50 years since the company's founding, and a day to make a fresh start toward the future," a variety of programs were implemented. A total of more than 1,200 employees and unofficial employees of group companies participated in the event, deepening communication among employees in preparation for the holding company structure.

In October, we held a "50th Anniversary Celebration - From Takara Leben to MIRARTH HOLDINGS" to which we invited approximately 800 business partners who have shared and supported Takara Leben's growth over the past 50 years. We expressed our gratitude for the past and introduced the new structure of MIRARTH HOLDINGS.

50th anniversary event
50th anniversary event
50th anniversary event
50th anniversary event

Introduction of 1 on 1 System

One of the seven pillars of Takara Leben's new medium-term management plan is to "develop human resources and create a rewarding work environment." In order to build a better working environment by promoting communication between supervisors and subordinates, we conduct "1 on 1" meetings where supervisors and subordinates meet on a regular basis to discuss open topics. By providing opportunities for dialogue every other week, we aim to avoid miscommunication, promote mutual understanding, and build trust.

Company-wide Morning Meeting and Survey

Since June 2022, Leben Clean Energy has held monthly company-wide morning meetings led by the president for the purpose of sharing the company's direction. In order to help identify and improve questions and concerns raised at that time, a questionnaire is sent to all employees, and the president provides feedback on opinions and questions as appropriate.

Expansion of MIRARTH NOTE

The MIRARTH Group operates an intra-group website, MIRARTH NOTE, to promote information sharing and communication that leads to "maximization of group synergy." MIRARTH NOTE has a function to share information on each company's initiatives and releases among group companies, and to obtain up-to-date information useful for improving operational efficiency, such as manuals and bulletin boards.

In FY2022, the company disseminated the progress of the 50th anniversary project and release the 50th anniversary history to the public, and with the change of holding on October 1, the design was redesigned with a sophisticated MIRARTH-inspired look.
In addition, with the aim of creating a website that contributes to strengthening cooperation among group companies, we regularly distribute video interviews and dialogues with management members as "Top Voice."


Futsal "Kazushi Kimura Cup"

In order to contribute to the community of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, where our head office is located, and to increase corporate recognition, Leben Trust sponsored the "Kazushi Kimura Cup" futsal tournament held by Comprehensive Community Sports Club in Yokohama City.
The Kazushi Kimura Cup is held at Sports Jungle 10, Comprehensive Community Sports Club produced in 2012 by Kazushi Kimura, former Japanese national soccer team and former coach of Yokohama F Marinos, and is open to all ages and genders. An exhibition match against the Dream Team led by Mr. Kazushi Kimura was also held, and a team of executives and employees from Leben Trust participated in the match, adding to the excitement of the tournament.

Futsal “Kazushi Kimura Cup”

Social Baseball Tournament

Leben Home Build held a baseball tournament jointly organized by sales and in-house departments to promote employee ties and communication across departments. After the game, a BBQ was held for all participants. While nourishing their spirits, the participants deepened the friendship between internal and external employees and fostered a sense of unity throughout the organization.

Social Baseball Tournament

Cycling Shimanami

Takara Leben West Japan (currently Takara Leben) sponsored "Cycling Shimanami 2022" as a Silver Partner to strengthen relationships with the community, support the area, and increase awareness of the company name. Cycling Shimanami is an international cycling event held every two years. All courses include riding on the highway, including the unique bridges connecting the islands, and it is the only time in Japan that the main line of the highway, which is in service, can be ridden. Six employees from Takara Leben West Japan participated in the event.

Cycling Shimanami

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